Our Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

The aim of this Kindergarten programme is to make learning both fun and enjoyable, thus, laying the groundwork for a fruitful education in the future. It is an Intensive English Programme designed to help children mature and progress spiritually, socially, physically, mentally and academically and at their own pace and rhythm.

Academic subjects integrate Thai Language, English, Mathematics, Science, Life Experience and Art taught by Thai and foreign teachers (native speakers and Asian nationals). The proportion of English subjects to Thai subjects is approximately 50 : 50.

Development Assessment

Students are assessed on an ongoing basis with reports provided to parents at the end of each semester.

Primary Curriculum

Our aim is to provide quality education that fosters success in academic, spiritual, social and physical areas of the students' lives. The atmosphere in the primary school is warm and caring, offering a stimulating and enriched educational environment.

Emphasis is placed on Thai and English languages and Science. English has a time-table of twenty periods every week and all are taught by foreign teachers.

Read the English Programme (EP) Overview here!

Primary Assessment

1. Written and verbal exams every month and end of the term
2. Observation
3. Short tests and exercises
4. Individual or group projects
5. Individual or group interviews
6. Individual or group reports and presentations


BBS utilizes textbooks from publishers used in high-standard curriculum, such as:

Oxford University Press
Pascal Press
Nightingale Press
Ready-Ed Publication
Federal Publications
Marshall Cavendish Education

Extra-Curricular Activities

Social Service

Gift-Giving for Less Fortunate Children
Each year, BBS students, parents and staff coordinate with Siam Care Foundation to send Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the local community.

Saving the Environment
BBS collects empty juice and milk cartons and sends them to the Beverage Carton Group (BCG) for recycling.

Donating to Mong Hilltribe Children
BBS sends clothes, books, stationery and toys to hilltribe children in Nan Province.

Hello Kids Magazine

The school magazine features students' theme compositions and art works which comes out at the end of every semester. View our magazines here!


Swimming, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis and Golf


Student Council